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I design and facilitate Social and Emotional Learning sessions that incorporate art and storytelling activities with primary schools in Varanasi. These activities empower children to become more aware about themselves, and express their thoughts, aspirations, and ideas. The sessions nurture their imagination, curiosity and creativity and help the children develop a stronger sense of individuality while adapting to changes around them as they grow.

Currently, I am working on setting up a creativity centre for children in Varanasi.

Initiatives for art education ~


an upcoming intiative 

I am in the process of setting up a Centre for Art and Storytelling in Varanasi, to be launched in October'23. Subscribe to my mailing list for more updates!


with Kenzen School in Varanasi

I design and facilitate sessions on Social and Emotional Learning for primary learners (ages 6-14 years). Message me at to know more about the sessions.

stuti sareen_mysticeti magazine 15.png.jpg

Anupriya's self-portrait (age 6)

stuti sareen_mysticeti magazine 14.png.jpg

A collage with shapes and mixed materials created by Sagar (age 8)

Ehaan (age 10) thought of the word 'kind' to define his inner self and created this collage of the mountains to represent it.

stuti sareen_mysticetimagazine 20.jpg

Shashwat's (age 9) unique personality trait


with The Museum of Art and Photography (MAP) Bangalore

In 2022, I facilitated online art workshops with The Museum of Art and Photography (MAP Bangalore) at Kenzen School. The workshops were designed by MAP Bangalore and facilitated with a group of more than 30 learners in the school premise. 

An art gallery about hybrid animals created with the learners at Kenzen School, as a part of  a workshop that I facilitated with The Museum of Art and Photography 


activity book created with children

Finding Me is a peek into a child's world. It prompts young readers to think beyond their everyday reality, and form meaningful relationships with themselves and their surroundings. It creates a space for children to bring imagination and hope into their reality through art and storytelling.

stuti sareen_mysticeti magazine 18.png.jpg
stuti sareen_mysticeti magazine 13.png
stuti sareen_mysticeti magazine 20.png
stuti sareen_mysticeti magazine 17.png.JPG
stuti sareen_mysticeti magazine 19.png.jpg


I design and facilitate workshops for building collective values and understanding gaps in facilitators' approach towards student-centered teaching. 

Collective insight board from a workshop that I facilitated

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